Coaching & Training

The main theme for all coaching en training programs is finding balance in your life. Being able to cope with all the challenges and enjoying all the good things, no matter how small. Growing awareness of how you are standing in life and proceeding your path mindful from moment to moment. Together with you we can see what your wishes are and what program would fit best.

Note that most of the group activities are given in Dutch; on request they can be given in English. Indvidual coaching and training will be in English if preferred. When you contact me indicate your preference.


Personal Coaching

Peter coaches and trains people to fully make use of their strengths and going more mindful through life.

Mindfulness group training 

Coming back to yourself, living your life with awareness and compassion. Growing the ability to better deal with all the challenges on your path.

Balancing personal and professional life

Do you struggle with keeping the balance between personal and professional life?
Help I am working from home!

Happy Mind Mindfulness
for young adults

How do you take care of your mind? All your thoughts, feelings, silence, boredom, ignorance, sadness and joy?

Motivation & Insight in yourself (DISC®)

What gives you energy and what not? What is your communication style and why do you do the things you do?

Working in Teams

Not every group of people makes a team. How can you build or reinforce a team making use of de strengths of each member?