Insight in your behaviour (DISC)

Why do some people feel resistance against changes and do others search for them? Why do certain people alweays take the lead and others rather follow? Or why are some people very flexible and do others want to follow procedures?

A DISC personal profile assessment gives you a good insight on your strengths and your challenges. You learn to better understand yourself and others in behaviour, communications and working together. DISC provides you an understanding on why you do what you do and how you interact with others.

Increase the insight in yourself and others

Do you want to better understand why you find certain situations uncomfortable? Why you get along perfectly with one person, yet always get irritated by another? Why your words not always are understood or what you want to convey is not always well received?
Then DISC will help you to come to a better understanding and provides you means to improve. Everyone has her/his way of behaviour and communications. Being aware of that will improve your interactions with others.

Step 1: Taking the assessment

First step is to take the DISC assessment.
This can be done online. The output is a comprehensive report with your personal profile. It shows your preferences, your strengths and your challenges. It also gives many attention points and improvement suggestions.

Step 2: Going through the outcome in a personal conversation

To guide you in understanding the report and translating it into daily practice, I will always plan a meeting with you as second step. We will go through the report and I will answer any questions you might have.

Step 3: Coaching and action plan

If desired, I wil coach you further to determine development points and results you want to achieve. Together we will define an action plan and I can support you with achieving your goals.

The approach that serves your goal

In an introduction meeting (free of charge, no obligations) we can explore and discuss the challenges you face and what you would like to improve or further develop. Based on that we can determine and agree upon the approach that would serve you best.

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss all possibilities.