Mindfulness training

Mindfulness is about leaving the automatic pilot, becoming aware of how you are standing in life, what day-to-day happenings do with you. Not only living inside your head but learning again to feel with your whole body. Abandoning rusty automatic response patterns that bring you where you don't want to be.

What are you looking for and what fits to you?

Getting to know and experience mindfulness can be done in several ways. Are you looking for a first introdcution, do you want to participate in a complete training of 8 sessions or maybe look to go for a mindful walk?
Below I indicate some possibilities, but I am also happy to discuss your needs with you and see what would fit best.

First introduction

  • Do you want to learn more about mindfulness and how you could use some of its exercises in daily life? Then you may best sign up for one of the workshops (see agenda). I provide also an individual 4-weeks mindfulness introduction training in which you will learn some basics. 

The complete training

  • A complete mindfulness training consists of 8 modules of each 2-2,5hr. It can be taken in a group or individually. The advantage of a group training is that you will also learn from eachother.  An individual training allows for some tuning to personal needs.

Mindful walking

  • Going out for a nice walk outside but then with conscious attention. Really experiencing the environment, nature with all your senses. Making contact with yourself and (re-)discovering your connection with nature.
  • During the walk we will do some mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness training, workshops, activities

• Mindfulness group training
• Individual Mindfulness training
• Mindfulness workshops
• Mindful walking

See what you are looking for and let me know. You also may check the agenda on mindfulness training, workshops and activities.