Personal Coaching 

In many stories the hero travels into the world to look for happiness, or his/her purpose in life, to look name it. Recognizable? And how is that for you, what are you looking for? What is your theme? Don't worry, everyone faces challenges on their path in life; you are not the only one. And everyone could use a helping hand once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that. That is where I might support you as coach. Travel alongside with you for a while and helping find your way (back).

Be the hero in your own life's story

You determine the path you want to take. Yet sometimes you're not sure and hesitate. That is where I could lend a hand as a coach. Together we will explore the road ahead for you to achieve your goal. In my coaching I make use of my own experiences in life but also those as coach and mindfulness trainer.
At the right side you will see some common theme's that people often are struggling with.

So if you are facing challenges and don't know how to deal with them or need some help on your path in life, just give me a call. Only you can take that step!
  • Finding and using your strenghts
  • Perosnal development
  • Self awareness and trust
  • Mental resilience
  • Dealing with tress
  • Finding peace of mind
  • Balance in your life

Contact me

Curious to what my coaching can mean for you? Contact me and make an appointment for a free introduction meeting without obligation. In this we will explore your coaching question and see what I could do for you. If we both see possibilities then we will agree on further steps and discuss your goals. These will be the guidance for the coaching.

During your coaching period we will monitor your progress and evaluate. The objective is that you can proceed on your own with the things you learned and practiced.