Team Work

Team work that is what it's all about in companies, organizations, even at the club in your neighbourhood. But to set-up and develop a good team is not an easy task. Are you going to start with a new team or do you want to further develop and strenghten an existing one? Do you have a team that is not performing well? I am more than happy to support you and your team to be efficient and successful.

How do you make a well performing, successful team?

The basis for each team are the people that form it. As basis I will use the DISC personal profile assessment to learn more about each team member. Then with the DISC teamwheel we map the whole team and explore its potential. The next step is to look into the demands to and objectives for the team and the organization around it. This all forms the ingredients for a plan of approach and the realization of the required changes or improvements to the team.

Setting up a new team

  • You need to form a team for a certain task or goal. What do you need to set-up a well performing team? Which profiles and capabilities are required?

You have a team that doesn't perform

  • There is an existing team but it doesn't perform anymore and can't fulfill it's goals? How do you determine the right changes and adjustments? Further develop the team members, add new people?

Changes and new challenges

  • Your organization is changing, new challenges come to play and your existing team will have to deal with that. How do you take care of that and what is the best way to guide the team?

Team development and coaching requires tailored work

Above I listed a couple of situations you might face with your team. I love to hear what your challenges are and like to think along with you on possible solutions. Just contact me and share your situation. Together we can explore possible solutions.