Balance on the workfloor

Our society and work are subject to big changes. Therefor a structured approach for employability and vitality of employees has become more and more important. It is not only about securing an optimal effort of employees with respect to capabilities and experience, but also maintaining their well-being and mental vitality. Big companies can outsource that to other big companies. For smaller companies it might be a challenge to invest on employability and vitality against a affordable price. Maybe I can support you and your organization with that.

Coaching and mindfulness training: basics for employability and vitality

The three main theme's I see within all changes are: New way of working, Sustainable employability and Mental innovation. I know the related challenges from my own experience as a "senior employee" but I also saw young people struggling. I know how to deal with those challenges. From both employer and employee their are several possibilities. Periodic coaching and training are of utmost importance. How to come to a win-win solution?

New way of working

  • Now job for life anymore. Flexible contracts and flex workingspots. Working from home and integration of personal and job-related environment. How do I manage that and keep a balance. Increasing speed of changes; how can I stay connected?

Sustainable employability

  • Age of retirement extended to 67+ years. How can I deal with that? How can I keep myself motivated? How can I keep contributing in a good and reasonable way?

Mental innovation

  • How can I cope with the speed of changes, deal with flexible and open working places? How can I manage stress? What do I want further in life both personnaly and professionally?  What drives me and gives me energy?

Programs adapted to your organisations needs

The following services I have to offer for the employability and vitality needs within your organisation and your employees.

• Personal coaching
• Personal development and effectivity
• Mindfulness training
• Team development and coaching

Contact me to discuss your requirements and explore the possible solutions I can offer.