An introduction to mindfulness

Are you also someone that keeps on running and is always busy with everything?

Never getting rest in your body and peace of mind?

Most of us have a busy, loaded life with stressful moments. And in our head we often are occupied with things of the future of things that happened in the past. You find it very difficult to lelax. And the stress can get stuck in your body.

But the again, what can you do about it? Maybe you already looked into doing a full mindfulness training. But it takes to much of your time. Or maybe you think that only after practising it for a long time it will pay off. Then I have good \news for you: practicing a couple of exercises in our introduction training can give you already more rest, relaxation and awareness in your daily life.

You will be introduced to mindfulness in an accessible way without the need to go through a full mindfulness training of 8 sessions.

Mindfulness teaches you to become aware of your thoughts and automatic thought and reaction patterns. You will learn to focus on what happens in the present moment. By practicing to steer your attention, you learn to take distance from all the thoughts in your head. You learn to take conscious decisions instead of responding to the autopilot. In that way you notice stress triggers earlier and are able to better cope with stress.

De training cursus consists out of 4 sessions of 1,5 to 2 hours.
– Session 1: Orientation mindfulness, the here and now, the autopilot
– Session 2: Awareness of the body, thoughts, emotions
– Session 3: Moving with awareness, awareness of your boundaries
– Session 4: Difficult experiences and stress, mindfulness in your daily life

To be able to give sufficient attention to every participant, we train in small groups of 4-8 people. Quality is more important than quantity.

For more information on time and location, please contact me.