Mindfulness complete

To embrace yourself and others in a kind and caring way that is what you learn with mindfulness and compassion training. In the Mindfulness complete training you continue with what you learned and practised in the Introduction to mindfulness training. You will be working with your experiences until now and deepen them.

Becoming aware of all things that take place inside you

Stand still and watch, listen, taste and experience what a certain sensation does to you. This is something we are not so used to in our daily life. We just go on and on and on. In this Mindfulness complete training you will continue with the earlier learned and practised exercises. You will be working on the things you find difficult and the obstacles you encounter in you daily practice of mindfulness.

Continuing with mindfulness

  • You were already introduced to mindfulness and started practising it in your daily life. Sometimes it goes smooth and sometimes you really struggle. Don't mind, that is all part of it. In this mindfulness complete training we start from there.

Deepening and strengthening

  • After the earlier introduction you will proceed with all facets of mindfulness. Topics we will work on are acceptation, letting things be and how to approach your thoughts in a different way. You will further strengthen you mental resilience.

Training in small groups

  • To be able to give sufficient attention to every participant, we train in small groups of 4-8 people. Quality is more important than quantity.

The training

The training consists out of 5 sessions, each 1,5 to 2 hours.
- Session 1: Recap on the earlier introduction to mindfulness and sharing experiences
- Session 2: Letting go and letting it be.
- Session 3: Thoughts are not facts
- Session 4: Compassion and how can I best take care of myself
- Session 5: Continue using what you learned

For more information on time and location, please contact me.