Introduction to mindfulness

To treat yourself and others in kind and caring way, that is what you learn in mindfulness and compassion trainings. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions come and go and often may take you for a ride. Your head is spinning around, you are overwhelmed by your emotions and that is something you want to deal with. You may have heard of mindfulness, read something, but it is quite new to you. Then the Introduction to mindfulness is the training you are looking for. You will learn and practice the basics so you can use it in your daily life.

Becoming aware of all things that take place inside you

Stand still and watch, listen, taste and experience what a certain sensation does to you. This is something we are not so used to in our daily life. We just go on and on and on. In this Introduction to mindfulness training you will be practising several exercises and some theory behind it to ease down your busy mind. You will get more insight in the processes that take place inside you without the need to do something with it. You will let your thoughts, feelings and sensations be just for what they are.


  • The definition of meditation is: "the act of giving your attention to only one thing". You will sit down and focus on a certain topic, sound, visual, thought or breathing. The eventual purpose of meditation is to rest in a status of observer, with a stillness of the mind.

Taking care of your mind

  • You take care of your body by doing exercises, running, playing sports, and by eating healthy. You take care of your brains by taking education and growing your knowledge. But how do you take care of your mind? How do you deal with your thoughts, feelings, silence, boredom, ignorance, sadness and you? 

Training in small groups

  • To be able to give sufficient attention to every participant, we train in small groups of 4-8 people. Quality is more important than quantity.

The training

De training cursus consists out of 4 sessions of 1,5 to 2 hours.
- Session 1: Orientation mindfulness, the here and now, the autopilot
- Session 2: Awareness of the body, thoughts, emotions
- Session 3: Moving with awareness, awareness of your boundaries
- Session 4: Difficult experiences and stress, mindfulness in your daily life

For more information on time and location, please contact me.