Be the captain of your life

Discover your unique qualities and talents and start putting them into practice!

Coaching and guidance

Did you get stuck on something, don't see it as a failure. Use it as opportunity to further develop yourself. Discover your unique strengths and talents and put them into action!
As coach and trainer I can support you with that. Together we will determine what works for you and I will coach you to put your skills into daily life's practice.
Below you will find the programs and training I am offering. Besides my experience with mindfulness I have specialized in coaching people with autism.


Program Personal Development

Utilize your strengths and develop your talents. Empower yourself and strengthen your self-awareness and trust. Be the captain in your life.

Program Mindful in your life

Bring your attention back to the here and now in full awareness. De-activate your autopilot, learn to better handle stress and find peace in your body and mind.

Mindfulness training

Introduction to mindfulness 

Learn about the basics of mindfulness and experience what it can mean for you: more piece of mind, relaxation and awareness in your life.

Mindfulness complete

After the introduction course you will deepen your experience with mindfulness to all its facets. Strengthen your mental resilience.

Need support?

Do you have a question? Just send me a message and I will get back to you rightaway.