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Mindfulness as path to happiness

Mindfulness, Coaching & Training 

Peter coaches and trains people to live mindful, paying attention to each moment and being more themselves. By listening, motivating and putting Mindfulness exercises into practice, he facilitates people and teams to find (back) their personal path in life. Peter sees a challenge in creating oversight and inspires by sharing his own practical experiences and pitfalls. Key words are open cooperation and atmosphere.

Peter Pouwels

Peter coaches and trains people to live mindful, paying attention to each moment and being more themselves.

About Mindfulness

What is it and where does it originate from? And even more important, how can it serve you?

Coaching &

Here you will find an overview of all possibilities I am offering within my Mindfulness, Coaching & Training practice.


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The main theme for all coaching and training programs is 'Balance in your life'. (Re)gain your balance to feel great in being yourself. Make maximal use of all your strengths and learn to overcome your weaknesses. Together we will look for the program that serves you best.

Personal Coaching

Peter coaches and trains people to fully make use of their strengths and going more mindful through life.

Mindfulness Training 

Coming back to yourself, living your life with awareness and compassion. Growing the ability to better deal with all the challenges on your path.

Balancing personal and professional life

Do you struggle with keeping the balance between personal and professional life?
Help I am working from home!

Happy Mind Mindfulness
for young adults

How do you take care of your mind? All your thoughts, feelings, silence, boredom, ignorance, sadness and joy?

Motivation & Insight in yourself (DISC®)

What gives you energy and what not? What is your communication style and why do you do the things you do?

Working in Teams

Not every group of people makes a team. How can you build or reinforce a team making use of de strengths of each member?

Inspiration & news

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I can help you to get further

Do you have a question? Just send me a message and I will contact you. Peter@coachpeterpouwels.nl