Peter Pouwels

The hero with a thousand faces written by Joseph Campbell is one of my favourite books. It describes the journey through life we all make. With all its challenges, falling down and getting up again, lowlights and highlights, choices to make and coincidences, with helpers and sometimes all on your own, in search of some happiness. It gave me a new perspective: everybody has the same struggles, I am not alone with that!

Important moments in my life were my introduction to mindfulness and my decision to start my own coaching and mindfulness training practice beside my work at Philips. Mindfulness is all about switching off the autopilot, becoming aware how you are standing in life, how life is treating you. Not just busy using your mind, but learning to feel again with your body. Taking control of your life with full usage of your qualities and talents. 

I discovered that it is my passion working with people and supporting them to develop themselves, to better cope with all challenges in life. Being a coach and mindfulness trainer, I can do so, applying my qualities and talents, but also with experiences from business and my own lessons in life. Themes are "deploying your strength, self-awareness and trust, mental resilience, reducing stress, mindful in life". 
My qualities are attentively listening without judgement, curiously investigating, strong visualization power.

So if you are struggling in your life's journey, if you lost all control and feel out of balance, contact me. Together we will discuss what I can do for you. 

My most important values

Keep developing yourself 

Every moment in life you have the opportunity to learn and develop yourself. Do you already use all your qualities and talents? If not or if you're not sure, you might miss out on doing things that really make you happy and successful. It took me quite some years to discover what gives me energy and joy. Don't wait any longer and start exploring. 

Entitlement to happiness

Every human being is entitled to some happiness in her/his life. For me it is a strong motivator to contribute to that where possible. Sometimes we tend to strive for getting more while not enjoying of what we have. Look around you and notice all the beautiful people, animals and flowers; the small gestures that make your day or make somebody else her day. It all starts with mindfulness.

Travelling together

On your journey through life, you sometimes need a guide, a helping hand. I met with a lot of beautiful people through all the years who helped me making just that next step. Who guided me with their experience and love on stormy seas. And that is also how I see my role as coach and trainer. I will you accompany you for a while helping you find your way.


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