Balance in your life

Are you looking for more insight in yourself? Mindfulness helps you getting out of the automatic pilot and make you aware how your are standing in your life. Away from old, rusted patterns that always take you to where you don't want to be, Peter helps you clearing the road and to get new insights. 

My most important values 

Continue developing yourself

I discovered that my passion lays in working with and helping people, to further develop themselves, to better cope with the challenges in life, to make use of their talents. In doing this I can make use of my knowledge but especially also my personal experience.

Entitled to happiness

For every human being some happiness in her/his life is very important. I find it very motivating to contribute to achieving that. Sometimes getting more is what is leading us, while not enjoying what we do have; have an eye for all the small, beautiful things there are in life! Awareness is where it all starts with.

Traveling together

On your path in life you sometimes need a guide, a helping hand. Throughout the years I met many beautiful people that helped me make that next step. That is also how I see my role being a coach and trainer; traveling with you for a while helping you on your way forward.

Peter Pouwels

It has been more than 14 years now that I working with Mindfulness and it is become an essential part of my life. After a burn-out I had to find my life's path back again. And mindfulness supported me tremendously and is still continuing to do so.
Mindfulness is leaving your automatic pilot mode, become aware of how you are running your life and what it is bringing you. Like John Lennon already said: "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans".  Stop with only thinking and learn to feel again, listening to what your body is telling you. Getting away from rusted automatic responses bringing you to where you don't want to be.

My new path has been to start my own coaching and mindfulness training practice. I discovered that my passion lays within working with and supporting people, to further develop themselves, to better cope with the challenges in life. With this I can fully use my knowledge, talents, but also my personal experience. As coach and mindfulness trainer I guide people both individually and as team to further develop. Main themes are: "Thema's zijn "utilize your strength, self awareness and trust, mental resilience, dealing with stress, finding peace and balance".

In a passionate way I am utilizing my experience from both my professional and personal life. I have been there and know the struggles, feeling helpless, the pitfalls, but also the way out. The potential we all have as human beings. My core qualities are listening attentively without judgement, exploring with curiosity, ability to visualize situations and make them insightful.
Every person is entitled to some happiness in her or his life and I want to contribute to that wherever I can.

So if you feel you are not getting anywhere, out of balance, don't know how to deal with your challenges, contact me. Together we can determine hwere and how I could support you.


Een nieuwe start

In mijn coachgesprekken met Peter heb ik helder inzicht gekregen in mijn gedragspatronen m.b.t. mijn hulpvraag.

Peter luistert aandachtig en weet je goed te triggeren d.m.v krachtige vragen en spiegelingen waardoor je steeds beter zicht krijgt in je eigen handelen en de wijze hoe je altijd weer een nieuwe start kunt maken. Voor mezelf heb ik duidelijk meer rust en vertrouwen herwonnen en goede handvaten ontvangen waarmee ik mijn persoonlijk pad kan bewandelen. De rust en sereniteit die Peter als coach uitstraalt, nodigen je echt uit om diep in jezelf te durven kijken in een sfeer van vertrouwen. Een aanrader als je op zoek bent naar een professionele coach waarin de mens echt centraal staat.


Helder en effectief

Peter luistert goed naar je verhaal, haalt er de punten uit die er toe doen en maakt hele duidelijke afspraken hoe je kunt verbeteren. Voor mij werkt zijn aanpak prettig en effectief. Ik kan zijn consultancy van harte aanraden.



In eerste instantie een coachingstraject gevolgd en daarna een kennismaking met mindfulness gestart.

Peter is een erg prettige man om mee samen te werken in zowel het coachings alsmede het mindfulness vakgebied. Aanrader!


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