Mindfulness is about leaving the automatic pilot, becoming aware of how you are standing in life, what day-to-day happenings do with you. Not only living inside your head but learning again to feel with your whole body. Abandoning rusty automatic response patterns that bring you where you don't want to be.

Finding peace of mind, mindful living with compassion

We are living in a stressed world. It seems like it is all about fast, faster, fastest. We are all busy, busy, busy. Time feels like passing by faster than ever. and before you know another, week, month or year has passed you be. Think about it, when do you still take moments of rest in the rush of every day? Do you take a break during your work?

By the internet and social media and our global means of communication we are overwhelmed by information and external stimuli. This has an enormous impact on us mentally as well as fysically. Important elements in my coaching and training are quietness and awareness. In the center stands mindfulness. It is a well tested and worldwide applied training that can help you stepping out of the automatic pilot, becoming aware of yourself (again) including automatic responses flushed. You will practice compassion for yourself and another.

There are various ways of learning about mindfulness and its practice and what it could mean for you.
Activities and training sessions I organise are
• Mindfulness workshops
• Introduction to Mindfulness training
• Mindfulness group training
• Individual Mindfulness training
• Mindful walking

In one of the workshops you can get a first taste of mindfulness and some exercises. Would you prefer to start with mindfulness outside you can subscribe for Mindful walking. Besides that you could enter a full 8-weeks group training. In that you will experience the full reach of mindfulness and discover where and how it can help you in life.

Curious about what mindfulness could mean for you? Contact me for more information or sign up for one of the training sessions, workshops or activities.
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How mindful are you in life?

Use our mindfulness checklist to determine that for yourself. Do you want to share your experience? I am curious about your story!