Mindfulness Check

Maybe you are thinking if mindfulness might be something for you? Or do you want to check how mindful you are in your daily life? Then this is a good checklist to run through!

How mindful are you in your life? 

Answer the questions below. They represent the 8 main factors of mindfulness. You may download this handy checklist. Do you want to share your experience? I am curious to hear your story! 

Open view

Can you see the events happening in your life as if they are taking place for the first time? Or do you know what will happen right away?

No striving

Is your week again packed with things to do? Do you push yourself to achieve things or do you allow time and space for yourself?

No judging

Do you judge people you meet right away or do you allow them to be different than you thought?


Do you take time for yourself, allow others to take time or are you always in a hurry?


Can you accept if something happened or do you think always what if.....?

Letting go

Do you keep a spastic hold to objects, people and things that must be done or can you let go?


Are you always afraid that things will go wrong, that people will abandon you or can you trust that in the end everything will turn right?


Can you grow compassion for yourself and someone else?
And what is your result? How mindful are you in daily life?
Is the result better than expected, then smile to yourself. Is it disappointing? Then also smile to yourself; with this insight you can get going! And remember, mindfulness is also endlessly starting fresh again; every moment of your life!

An introduction to mindfulness

Are you also someone that keeps on running and is always busy with everything? Never getting rest in your body and peace of mind? Most of us have a busy, loaded life with stressful moments. And in our head we often are occupied with things of the future of things that happened in the past. […]